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Thomas Brown. The works of the learned Sr Thomas Brown, Kt., Doc- tor of Physick, late of Norwich: Containing I. Enquiries into vulgar and common errors.... London: Printed for Tho. Basset, Ric. Chiswell, Tho. Sawbridge, Charles Mearn, and Charles Brome, 1686.

William Cowper. The anatomy of humane bodies: with figures drawn after the life by some of the best masters in Europe and curiously engrav- en in one hundred and fourteen copper plates.... Oxford: Printed at the Theater for Sam. Smith and Benj. Walford, London, 1698.

P. D. The Hertford Letter: containing several brief observtions on a late printed tryal, concerning the murder of Mrs. Sarah Stout. London: Printed and sold by the booksellers of London and Westminster, 1699.

Transcription from The Tryal of Spencer Cowper of letter to “Sir” from “very sincere Friend,” March the 5th [1698/99] and letter to “Sir” from “yours, &c.,” March 19 [1698/99].

Will of Henry Stout, Maltster of Hertford, Hertfordshire. 13 December 1695. Facsimile courtesy of the National Archives (United Kingdom).

A dialogue between a Quaker and his neighbour in Hertford, about the murder of Mrs. Sarah Stout. London, 1699.Facsimile courtesy of the Newberry Library, Chicago.

Some observations on the tryal of Spencer Cowper, J. Marson, E. Stevens, W. Rogers: that were tried at Hertford, about the murder of Sarah Stout. London, 1701.

The testimony of the Hartford Quakers for the man Christ Jesus: vindi- cated from the malicious slanders, perversions, confusions, impertinen- cies and idle quibbles of William Haworth an Independent-preacher, in his Animadiversions on the said Testimony ... With a brief and serious reply by Mary Stout, to what concerns her in William Haworth’s former book, entituled, The Quaker converted to Christianity re-established. [London], 1676.

Sarah, the Quaker, to Lothario, lately deceased, on meeting him in the shades. London: Printed for A. Moore, 1728.

Robert Burton. The anatomy of melancholy: What it is, with all the kinds, causes, symptomes, prognostickes & seuerall cures of it; in three partitions, with their severall sections, members & sub-sections philo- sophically, medicinally, historically opened & cut up. 6th edition. Lon- don: H. Crips & L. Loyd, 1652.

Lothario’s answer to Sarah the Quaker, in the shades. London: A. Moore, 1729.

A Reply to the Hertford letter: wherein the case of Mrs. Stout’s death is more particularly considered, and Mr. Cowper vindicated from the slan- derous accusation of being accessory to the same. London: M. Fabian & J. Nutt, 1699.

Mary de la RivieĢ€re Manley. Secret memoirs and manners of several persons of quality, of both sexes, from the New Atalantis, an island in the Mediteranean: written originally in Italian. London: Printed for John Morphew and J. Woodward, 1709.

Samuel Richardson. Clarissa; or, The history of a young lady: compre- hending the most important concerns of private life. Volume XX. Fourth edition. London : Printed for S. Richardson: and sold by John Osborn, 1751.

John Cordy Jeaffreson. A book about lawyers. 2 vols. London: Hurst and Blackett, 1867.

Giles Duncombe. Tryals per pais: or, The law of England concerning juries by nisi prius, &c. newly revised, and much inlarged: with an addition of prec- edents, and forms of challenges, demurrers upon evidence, bills of exception, pleas puis le darrein continuance, &c. 3rd edition. London: Printed by the assigns of Rich. and Edw. Atkins, for John Walthoe, 1695.

The tryal of Spencer Cowper, esq., John Marson, Ellis Stevens, and Wil- liam Rogers, gent., upon an indictment for the murther of Mrs. Sarah Stout, a Quaker, before Mr. Baron Hatsell, at Hartford assizes, July 18, 1699, of which they were acquitted. London, 1699.

“A Remarkable Story. Sarah Stout; Or, Murder or Suicide.” Pennsylvania Inquirer, February 18, 1857, page 4.

The Holy Bible: Containing the Old Testament & the New; newly translated out of the original tongues & with the former translations diligently compared & revised by His Majesty’s special com[m]and. Oxford: Printed by the University printers, 1697.