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How to Begin

Welcome to your Class Exhibit Site!

If you are in this course, you already have (or soon will) a username and password for this site.

1. Login (add "/admin/" to the end of the website) or contact Laurie if you're having trouble logging in.

2. When you find images that you know you'll want to include in a collection or exhibit (see the guide for help finding images), upload them as "Items" in one of the topical collections.

3. Before you make an exhibit, be sure that each of the images you'll be using has already been added to as an item in Omeka.

4. Create an exhibit, and create a few pages as part of that exhibit. As you do that, and experiment with the various layouts, think about the narrative/argument you'll be creating. Note that each numbered space in an exhibit layout is a place that an item can go.

5. Unless you specify otherwise, your exhibit will be public as soon as you start creating it. When you're ready to share it, however, send the URL of your exhibit to Professor Snyder, and make sure that you select "Featured Exhibit."



1) Most things in Omeka (pages, collections, items, etc) are not public by default. Make sure you've made your items and collections public if you're running into problems.