Beadle's Frontier Series

Beadle's Frontier Series Cover Gallery

The majority of the novels in Beadle's Frontier Series were originally published as Munro's Ten Cent Novels by George Munro, a former employee of Beadle & Co. who split off in 1863 to form a rival publishing house.1 

The “frontier” of this series does not belong to a static place or time; it may take the form of the Northeastern colonies during the French and Indian War, Texas territory, or the Hawaiian islands. These cover images exhibit the full range of frontier novel tropes and icons: battles with Indians and wild animals, the savage or "ugly" white frontiersman, the cowboy, and the bandit all make an appearance. Click any image below for more information and a full-size cover.

It was common practice to publish the work of staff writers under the name of more well-known authors, so the attributions on these title pages are probably not accurate. Unfortunately, dime novels rarely credited their artists, so the exact illustrators of the covers below are also unknown. 

1. Cox, Randolph. The Dime Novel Companion: A Source Book. Westport, CN and London: Greenwood Press, 2000. Print. 23.



Beadle's Frontier Series