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Curated by Rachel Berger (Swarthmore College '16)


I am indebted to many people, places, and organizations who were instrumental to this project. I would first like to thank Professor Alison Dorsey, whose first-year seminar introduced me to the often ridiculous world of the American West and taught me to view history as a series of competing narratives. I am grateful also to Professor Bruce Dorsey, whose “Manhood in America” class inspired my interest in dime novels and 19th-century U.S. social history, and who supported my pursuit of this internship.

The Tri-Co Digital Humanities program provided generous funding for this project; it has also introduced me to the broader Digital Humanities community and to many interesting people doing DH work. Many thanks to Program Coordinators Jen Rajchel and Archana Kaku for their help and encouragement.

I am grateful to everyone at Haverford Libraries, including Dan Burger-Lenehan, who made me feel welcome, who listened to me talk about this project, and whose enthusiasm about their own projects was a constant source of inspiration. Special thanks to thank Sarah Horowitz, Ann Upton, and the other staff in Special Collections, with the hope that this site will send more researchers their way. Terry Snyder, also, shared valuable feedback and her lent her great knowledge of 19th century history to this project in its rougher stages.

Certainly not least, I would like to thank Laurie Allen and Mike Zarafonetis for their support at every step of this process; from suggesting directions for research and recommending sources, to walking me through choosing a website platform and feats of coding wizardry. This exhibit could not have happened without them.


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