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Beadle's Frontier Series


These copies of Beadle’s Frontier Series were reissued by Arthur Westbrook Co. in 1908. The majority of the novels were originally published by George Munro, a former employee of Beadle & Co. who split off in 1863 to form a rival publishing house.

The “frontier” of this series does not belong to a static place or time; it may take the form of the Northeastern colonies during the French and Indian War, Texas territory, or the Hawaiian islands.

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The Shawnees' Foe; or, The Hunter of the Juniata (Beadle's Frontier Series no. 1)
A typical 1860s western dime novel cover depicted a violent altercation with Native Americans or wild animals. This novel, The Shawnee's Foe (Beadle's Frontier Series no. 1), was originally published as Beadle's Dime Novels no. 111 in 1866.

Wild Jim, the Traitor Spy (Beadle's Frontier Series no. 3)
Originally published as Beadle's Dime Novels no. 137 in 1867. The cover depicts Native Americans as a threat to white women and children, a common trope in frontier dime novels.

David Crockett's Boy Hunter (Beadle's Frontier Series no. 11)
Fights with wild animals, often bears, were also common.
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