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For Students

Welcome to Omeka!

If you are in Paul Farber's Fall 2013 Writing Seminar and you'd like to create an exhibit in Omeka for your final project, here's what you should do.

1. Contact Laurie lallen@haverford.edu and ask for an account on this site.

2. Once you get your account, create a Collection and make sure that any images you upload are part of that collection.  (I recommend naming the collection after yourself)

3. Find a few images that you'd like to include in your exhibit and upload them as "Items." Decide how you'd like to describe them, and make sure they're in the right collections. (when you want to attach the file itself, you'll need to go to the File tab within the item)

4. Create an exhibit, and create a few pages as part of that exhibit. As you do that, and experiment with the various layouts, think about the narrative/argument you'll be creating. Note that each numbered space in an exhibit layout is a place that an item can go.


Check out Laurie's Sample Exhibit for more info!



1) Most things in Omeka (pages, collections, items, etc) are not public by default. Make sure you've made your items and collections public if you're running into problems.