Nick Carraway's House

Nick's house 3

A scene from Baz Lurhmann's The Great Gatsby.

One small but significant aspect to Nick’s anonymity is the house where he lives. By living in a little cottage that was “squeezed between two huge places” and “had been overlooked” (5), Nick’s home remains unseen. This is important, for Nick’s home is parallel to Nick’s character and inner self. Most importantly, Nick’s home gives him the opportunity to be an anonymous observer of the world around him. Nobody is looking for him or at him; he, like his house, is overlooked. As a result, he can look around him and criticize without fear. By being this anonymous watcher, Nick is able to find the truth in everything he sees and be honest in his portrayal of this world. It’s not that Nick is unimportant, but that no one is really looking to him as a prominent figure. There is no pressure or pre-conceived notion of what Nick should do, thereby he has the freedom to do and write what he pleases.