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Hemingway in Journalism and Fiction

We will travel with Hemingway in his journalism and vignettes of In Our Time as he loiters on Grand Avenue, Kansas City; Trout fishes in the Great Lakes; witnesses the forced migration of Greeks out of Turkey; and brings us ringside in Spain for the final act of the tragedy. 

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Anonymity in Modernism

An exhibition of how anonymity functions in modernism.

The goal of this exhibit is to examine how anonymity allows for the freedom to find truth, the freedom to be critical, and freedom from the constraints of "otherness".

As seen in the following works, there is also an inherent tension between internal and external anonymity in modernism. This exhibit seeks to find the relationship between anonymity and identity, especially when comparing internal and external anonymity.

Poetry & Disorder in a Changing World

By Hannah Hynes-Mumford