Hugh D. Vail: "Volunteer Weatherman"


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The "Volunteer Weatherman"

Scrapbook- page 68

Page 68 of Vail's scrapbook contains his obituaries, and include many mentions of his service as a "volunteer weatherman."


As a man of many interests, Vail became known throughout the Santa Barbara community as a "volunteer weather man." In his scrapbook of newspaper clippings there are some of his obituaries, one of which alludes to his amateur career as a meteorologist. Vail was a very active member of his community, involved in many public works projects, but one of his most notable contributions was his comprehensive research regarding the local weather and climate. As stated in one obituary (the first clipping on the left), Vail prepared weather statistics for approximately thirty years, including average temperatures, rainfall, and other values. 

Scrapbook- page 60

View the entire scrapbook. Pages 60-61 include an article regarding the Santa Barbara climate. 

Scrapbook- page 61


Most likely taken from a magazine of some sort, the clipping that appears in the whiter paper regarding an inquiry into the climate of Santa Barbara once again exhibits Vail's love of sharing knowledge. This article details the weather of Santa Barbara, using points of references in other cities to relate it to outsiders. His methods of explanation in these articles is a reflection of his roots as a teacher, demonstrating a drive to share knowledge with a wide audience of people, hoping to relate information on an individualized level. His description is thorough and offers many different distinguishing characteristics to give a deeper feel of the area. 

Westward Years
The "Volunteer Weatherman"