Hugh D. Vail: "Volunteer Weatherman"


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Astronomical Research

Scrapbook- page 42

View the entire scrapbook. Several of Vail's scrapbook pages contain articles related to astronomy. Page 42 includes a description of a coming eclipse as well as a helpful illustration of a lunar eclipse. 


Hugh Vail's interest in astronomy went beyond his work at the Haverford College Observatory. In the History of Haverford College for the First Sixty Years of its Existence, it is noted that there was "none more delighted to point out the stars and constellations." Though primarily a professor of mathematics, Vail possessed a diverse set of interests. In this page from his scrapbook of newspaper clippings, he explains the eclipse that was to happen on January 1, 1889. Vail gives both an explanation of the astronomy behind eclipses in general, including a diagram, and also goes on to provide the exact timing of a coming eclipse in Santa Barbara, all with the excited tone of an avid astronomer.  

Westward Years
Astronomical Research